Friday, 12 June 2015

A Symbolic and Spontaneous Piercing

I have been contemplating the idea of getting my cartilage pierced for quite a while. For many people, a piercing isn't a big deal at all and as soon as the urge to get a new one comes, off to the shop they go without a second thought. But I'm an over thinker. 

I'd been keen on having my lobes pierced a couple of years ago, but eventually chickened out. Lots of my friends have been shocked to find out that I don't have them pierced, but I was a tomboy as a child, and my mom doesn't have any piercings (for me to envy), so begging my parents to let me have my flesh hole punched at Claire's was not a main priority for the younger me. 

Recently, I've had a bit of a hard time... struggling with anxiety and stress. Fortunately, I'm feeling much more positive now. This progress coincided with completing my first year of university, which is just crazy - everyone says it, but uni really does whiz by. To mark this time, I thought I'd take the plunge and finally, actually, really get my cartilage pierced. No over thinking, no imagining being incredibly unlucky, getting a horrible infection and having my ear fall off, and no making it a big deal - it's only a piercing after all. 

My friends, Kat and Harriet, accompanied me last Friday to Holier Than Thou in Manchester's Northern Quarter. I felt very out of place as a piercing virgin in a small shop full of heavily modified individuals, but supported by the encouragement of my friends, I didn't back out. The experience was surprisingly pleasant, as the "piercer" was lovely and amazingly quick... it barely hurt! The whole process took a mere two minutes.

The rather non-eventful and low-key experience underlined how a piercing isn't anything particularly significant, and that there was no need to worry and worry and worry about it (as I usually do!). To a cautious over thinker like me however, having my cartilage pierced makes me feel like a slight badass. In a way, taking the plunge was a challenge for myself, to prove that it's pointless to stress about and over think small things in life. Worrying is such a consumer of energy and I often worry about things that haven't even happened yet, or that I have no control over... which really is pointless! 

It's definitely easier said than done, but I want to live in the moment much more and stop wasting head-space on a vicious, negative cycle of worry - it's not good or productive in any sense whatsoever. 

I should also mention that I do love the piercing and I'm enjoying showing it off, so no regrets! This could be the start of a more spontaneous and relaxed Polly, I hope so! 



  1. Your new piercing is super cute girl! :)

  2. i'd love to get a piercing like this but i'm kind of afraid! looks great on you though :)

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

    1. Thanks! It was absolutely fine, hardly hurt! If you want it, I'd say go for it :) x

  3. The piercing looks awesome! I actually have my nose pierced.

    Just came across your blog. I've just graduated with a major in English Literature. I find your blog, especially your posts and books really interesting!

    1. Thank you! I think nose piercings look great but I'd be too scared to get it done myself! Thank you very much :) x

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