Sunday, 30 August 2015

Embarking on a quest to become more ogranised...

I recently bought a new planner, and it has made me think about how I'm quite a last minute type of person. But I'm also a stationery lover, and although I've never been able to consistently use a planner in the past, after getting sucked into the YouTube wold of planner set-ups and Filofax tours and Kawaii stationery hauls, I decided that I needed a new planner. I tend to plan things mentally and just make a to do list every now and then, but I really want to be one of these planner committed, organised and sticker hoarding individuals. 

I genuinely believe that everyone is a particular type of worker/planner by nature. For example, I've always done well academically, despite never starting revision early and often leaving assignments til the night before. Starting revision months in advance just doesn't feel right to me - I'd probably forget it all again before the exam! But I agree that it does work for some people. Take my friend Harriet for example, she is so organised with her studying, and during exam season this summer, she knew exactly what she was going to focus on each day. Unlike me, who has never, ever stuck to a revision timetable. Her room in our university flat was like a bloody museum! Diagrams and drawings and beautifully presented notes adorned every inch of breeze block wall space. In clear contrast, I began revising three days before my exam (as usual) - maybe I need the increased pressure to get my act together and get shit done?! 

But although I may feel that I'm naturally a last minute kind of girl, this leopard wants to change her spots. My pretty new planner has a calendar type lay out, and it's definitely beneficial to be able to see clearly how my month is shaping up. Also, I want to refrain from being such a procrastinator when it comes to coursework. The amount of times I was up all night, frantically typing away, drinking endless cups of tea with Fools Gold on repeat in the background, was definitely not healthy. The one time that I did begin an essay considerably early, I enjoyed it so much more! It's hardly rocket science, but to me, it was kind of a revelation. I did lots more research than normal, got really into the topic, and felt much more confident when it came to writing the essay - and surprise, surprise, I got a better grade than usual! 

Now that I'm going into my second year of university, and my marks actually go towards my final grade (my first year didn't count, I just had to pass it), I want to make the effort to start all assignments early and put an end to my all-nighters. Although I do believe that I have a natural tendency to leave things to the last minute, it's still my choice to procrastinate so much, and I can certainly change my leopard spots if I really try. And I do genuinely want to reduce the amount of my frantic all-nighters, as although I always miraculously get a pretty decent grade, they're stressful and just not good. I would definitely enjoy my studies more and get better results if I got myself organised. 

So I'm looking forward to utilising my new planner to help me plan essays better, see when assignments are due, and separate tasks into manageable chunks. When term begins in a few weeks, I'm going to try out a new, organised, simple little system that will make me feel like a coordinated goddess. Every Sunday, I'm going to write down in my lovely new planner what each lecture and seminar is about the coming week, and which reading is due for which class. I hope this will help me feel more organised and prepared for the new week, and it's certainly more than I did in my first year!

I've been enjoying using my planner this past week, and making it look pretty with stickers and washi tape... oh, and using it for planning and organisational purposes of course... Actually, if cute stickers and tapes make me want to use my planner more and I enjoy them, then they're totally justifiable - and I have more reason to take trips to Paperchase, yay! 

I may be a natural last minute worker, but I'm going to make the effort to get myself organised and consequently, get more out of my studies and life in general this coming academic year. I can't say that I'm going to begin exam revision months in advance, that just not me, but I am determined to coordinate my life more effectively. 



  1. I've always adored the idea of being organised but just never manage it! I love the sound of your planner though - I think the calendar layout would be good for planning blog posts.

    Lauren x

  2. I've never been an organized person, I tend to plan mentally as well! I have some planners and journals at home so I'm hoping I stay motivated and actually use them for my adventure to Uni lol! Xxx

  3. I've always been quite organised and I always love the idea of starting a new planner at the beginning of the year. I hope it works out for you to use a planner this time. I wouldn't be able to live without a planner though, so props to you that you've managed this long without one.


  4. My life would be nothing without a good organization protocol, but sometimes life gets the best of me. I also use a calendar layout - I love Google calendar.

  5. I love planners and it realy helps me stay organized but still I go throught phases when I'm very messy...xx
    Great post lovely!

    Tajaljeh /