Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Thirty thoughts every student has...

I've been enjoying reading these list posts recently and decided to do one of my own. As I've just finished my first year of university, I thought I was quite apt to do a student thoughts one... I hope you fellow students can relate!

- Would it be wrong to eat Super Noodles for breakfast?

- Does anyone else think Super Noodles have a hint of cat food?

- But I'd rather eat cat food flavoured, saturated fat full noodles than actually put some real clothes on and find a pair of socks in order to go to the supermarket...

- Why did I think it was a good idea to carry a whole weeks worth of food back home by myself?!

- Why can't there be a milk tap in my house?

- Then I wouldn't have the circulation in my arm cut off by a bag for life full of milk.

- Am I the only person here with a "normal" name?

- There weren't any Kittys or Alistairs at my school.

- Do I have to read this whole book?

- Is it on Google Books?

- Did they make a film of it?

- How many times can I watch Fresh Meat before it becomes boring?

- I blame AutoPlay.

- Does eating just Weetabix Crispy Minis for a week count as a balanced diet?

- I mean, there is fruit in them.

- That's if you don't buy the chocolate chip ones of course...

- Thank God for Aldi

- And thank God for Lidl

- Why is everyone in the library staring at me?!

- Maybe if there were more computers I wouldn't have to lurk awkwardly around the shelves, desperately looking for a space.

- Since when were trainers so popular?

- And branded socks?

- It is okay for me to go to my lecture having not washed for twenty four hours and wearing pyjamas? 

- Actually, nobody will notice, most students look like that.

- Why is my prime essay writing time 2am?

- I love naps.

- I'm like a baby.

- Sleeping pattern wise I mean...

- My mom isn't here to yell at me to get out of bed.

- I love being a student. 


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  1. Haha, I can relate to this. I think at uni I lived on tuna with tomato sauce and cheese on toast. Gross! But so fun. Also discovered naps at uni, woo!

    Corinne x