Sunday, 3 July 2016

A Saturday Exploring Corfu Town

My boyfriend, Tom, and I just got back from our very first (and very successful) holiday together (a relationship milestone reached... go us haha!). We went to the beautiful Greek Ionian island of Corfu, and it was brilliant. We were very impressed with the island and how much there is to see and do. I'm pretty darn proud of how much stuff we managed to cram into our week away... waterpark-ing, boat tripping, pool days, town exploring, etc. We definitely did not let any precious holiday hours go to waste. 

We spent the Saturday in Corfu Town (Kerkyra), the capital city of the island. The city feels huge compared to the cute fishing village, Benitses, that we stayed in and the other quaint towns we had driven through. It's busy, full of shops, cafes, bars, endless winding streets, and is rich with history and lovely architecture.  

Much to my amusement, the first thing I spotted when hopping off the bus in the morning was... a wool shop. A shop selling wool in searing heat. What made this even funnier to me is the fact that my mother is a avid knitter who seeks out knitting shops like a lion hunting its prey... she would've bloody loved it. Anyway, we soon found a bar to have a beer in, and then I persuaded Tom to hit the shops! There were lots of boutiques selling pretty boho style clothes along with mazes of pretty, winding alleyways lined with gift shops. Tom very kindly treated me to a pretty, handmade flower ring that caught my eye... I've hardly taken it off since! I regret not getting my paws on one of the handmade tan leather bags. They had them in all sizes and in plenty of classic styles. They were't expensive either - oh why didn't I buy one?! Oh well... gives me an excuse to go back to Corfu! 

It turned out that there was a cruise ship stopping off in Kerkyra that day and we met a few lovely British couples and exchanged holiday small talk with them,.. Tom and I always make friends when we're out and about! Especially with middle aged couples for some reason haha!

After some lunch in a lovely little Venetian square with flowers trailing down from the tall buildings, we headed over to the Old Fortress. Now I feel obliged to admit that I explored the impressive site without knowing much about its history at all... how embarrassing. But I enjoyed it nonetheless, and a quick Google search has just given me some key facts... The Old Fortress is Venetian, was built in the early 15th Century and protected Corfu during several wars, sieges, battles etc. Seems that everybody wanted to claim Corfu for themselves - I can see why - it's gorgeous! 

Climbing to the top in the heat was one heck of a workout, but it was well worth it for the fab views. Tom rang his parents whilst we recovered from the climb and told them how much of a great time we were having. I rang my own parents many times during the week to fill them in on our adventures! I also asked Tom to take a snap of my outfit as I was diggin' it. Just Primark stripy shorts and a pretty cami that I picked up in the airport from Accessorize... very comfy as well as stylish - if I do say so myself!! Plus I picked up the shorts specifically for the holiday, so had been excited to wear them :) 

It struck Tom and me how there was nobody telling you not to touch certain things or to mind your step when we were climbing up the fortress. We were given free reign to explore... what a contrast to health and safety obsessed England! 

The remainder of the day involved Tom searching for a bar for us to watch football in and us both getting rather confused when finding the bus back to our village. We ended up just missing one and having to wait an hour for the next - not that it mattered, we spent the spare hour in a cute bar, sipping Mythos and watching locals play some kind of dice game and drinking espressos.

Overall it was a great day and I'd definitely recommend visiting Corfu Town/Kerkyra if you visit the island. Although it can be tempting to just chill by the pool all week, I'm so glad that Tom and I did lots of adventuring and really experienced Corfu. 



  1. It looks like you had a great holiday - gorgeous photos and I adore those shorts! I love the Greek islands: the perfect place to holiday xx

    1. Thank you! I love them too... excited to go back in the future! :) xx