Wednesday, 10 May 2017

My new planner!

A stationery post - YAY! I used to put pressure on myself to write only meaningful and kinda deep posts... but I bloody love staionery and organisation, even if I'm not an organised goddess one hundred percent of the time. I know so many of my fellow bloggers are partial to a bit of stationery too, so here's a post dedicated to my cute new planner!! Phew - long-winded intro!

I have to admit, I can be a bit frivolous when it comes to diaries, planners and organisers. After a few months of being committed to one, I find myself down the YouTube/blog/Instagram planning community rabbit hole, and then I start the dreaded online browsing for a newer model. As I tend to get bored of planners after a while, I don't invest in them too much. I think Erin Condren planners, for example, are gorgeous, but as I'm not always consistent with using them, I wouldn't want to risk wasting it! Some months I'm totally on the ball when it comes to planning and feel put-together and rather fancy when ticking things off my neat to-do lists... but then I might have a few weeks where I loose my planning mojo - it sits on my desk gathering dust, and I revert back to just mentally making plans. However, I do genuinely think that I'm more productive when I use a planner. Something about writing down my goals for the day makes me feel accountable for them and I want to have the satisfaction of ticking them off.

I've been in one of my no-planner ruts as of late, and was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the things I have to get done. I thought I'd treat myself to a new organiser as a soft little kick up the bum. Although a new planner is not going to change my life exactly, it does give me a bit of a motivation boost.

Long story short, I had a quick online browse and found this little gem from the old reliable that is Paperchase. May is a bit of an awkward time to be diary buying as all the mid-year ones are hitting the shelves, but most of them start in July or August… so undated planners are the way to go! They’re perfect for us frivolous stationery lovers as you can start them at any time! Plus, you wont have sad empty pages if you do have a planner slump… as long as you don’t label all the months and weeks in advance that is… I know there are other frivolous stationery peeps out there – I’m talking to you, you who began a pretty new notebook without finishing your current one! 

It’s very compact but isn't awkward or tricky to write in – a problem I sometimes have with mini notebooks. I’m a big fan of the French cafĂ© theme (very Amelie!) and the illustrations throughout add a lovely touch. My favourite kind of planner layout is one with both a monthly calendar and a weekly section. I’ve had ones in the past that only had either/or… but I like to see how my month is shaping up and have the weekly layout to write to-do lists for specific days in. There are also plenty of note pages at the back, and that’s it! A  simple planner that’s to the point – no unnecessary pages that you don’t end up using. It’s short and sweet… and it sure is very sweet! 

Polly x